Your style is unique. Your time in the mountains is precious. Wherever the trail may take you - Fischer’s newly-developed MY series celebrates individuality with the perfect ski for your distinctive tastes. MY TURN is designed for on-piste performance. MY MOUNTAIN is for all-mountain lovers. MY RANGER is for adventurous souls seeking a strong but lightweight setup.


Simple, lightweight, comfortable, and athletic - this is MY Turn 74. A dream for women skiers, packed with benefits for the piste such as Sandwich Sidewall Construction and Air Tec, which make the ski light but steady. With the MBS binding – suitable for Walk Soles – the way to the lift is an easy stroll. Together with the MY RC Pro 100, the boot which combines optimal fit, top comfort, and maximum power transfer, the MY Turn set is the ideal companion for women to enjoy sweeping turns with.


Why limit yourself when you can have it all? Whether it's on the slopes, deep snow, or off-piste – you are at home everywhere and enjoy the freedom your skis offer you. The My Mtn 84 gives you pure skiing enjoyment both on- and off-piste. The Air Tec construction combined with All Mountain Rocker unites smooth skiing and outstanding performance.


For adventure-seekers who like to push themselves to the limit. When no hill is too steep, no mountain too high, and no jump too daring, you need skis you can rely on. The My Ranger 98 with poplar wood core construction makes light work of climbs, so you can take full advantage of the downhill ride. Less effort on uphill sections and maximum performance on downhill rides – this ski is impressive in all disciplines.

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