Voluntary recall/request for replacement of skating wheels

In the course of routine quality assurance and service activities it has become apparent to Fischer Sports GmbH that cracks may form on the aluminium wheel rim of skating rollerskis (delivered from March 2017) after frequent use.

Fischer has been informed by the supplier that the material properties of the aluminium alloy of the rims on some wheels deviate from the alloy which was used originally and approved by Fischer. This deviation makes the material more brittle and can lead to cracks forming if the wheels are used intensively. If a crack appears on the wheel (see photo for example), stress distribution is no longer symmetrical and further cracks are likely to appear if continued stress is placed on the wheel. If this occurs, the rim may break completely as a result. In order to rule out this safety risk, Fischer precautionary is requesting that the wheels be replaced. Only minor numbers of the items shipped after March 2017 are affected. Regrettably it is not possible to additionally narrow down the wheels with the deviating material properties according to the date of production.

Our high standards in respect of quality and responsibility have prompted us to take a proactive approach with this recall/request for replacement in order to assure the quality of our products in every respect and rule out any safety risks.

All models featuring the skating wheel with the dimension 100/24 as of March 2017 (see table below). Articles shipped before March 2017 are not affected.

Art. no.                    Model
M01017                   CARBONLITE SKATE

M02017 / M02217   RC7 SKATE
M02018 / MV02018 RC7 SKATE / MOUNTED

M07117            WHEEL CL SKATE 100/24 MED
M07417            WHEEL RC SKATE 100/24 MED

As a precautionary measure in the interest of safety, all wheels on the rollerski models concerned are to be replaced. The replacement will be carried out starting from October 2018 and will be executed by the respective dealer from which the product was bought. All dealers involved have been and will be informed about the situation.

Users of the rollerskis concerned are requested to contact their dealer for the correct replacement to take place.

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