Easy Care & Wax


If you look after your skis you will have longer lasting fun in the snow. Like looking after leather footwear with shoe care products, with skis it is (liquid) wax which is indispensable. From now on, ski care is easy: with the new Fischer Easy Care & Wax Line care products for Nordic and Alpine, elaborate and expensive waxing methods are a thing of the past. Thanks to their effects, the equipment can deliver full performance.

As a single-source supplier in Alpine and Nordic winter sport, Fischer Sports sees the addition of the Easy Care & Wax range to its product portfolio as the logical next step. The care products can be used from recreational skiing to light racing.

Easy use is the key

In the development process special attention was paid to easy and universally suitable use for all snow types/temperatures: no separate rooms, special equipment or knowledge are required to use the products. The wipes, which fit in any pocket, make the job even easier and are ready for use at any time! In the 17l18 line they will be included as a sample packs on numerous ski models.

Specialists in action

Developed in line with Fischer products, the Fischer Easy Care & Wax range is a liquid wax collection featuring cleaning and care products. The focus is not only on glide performance but above all also on maintaining the climbing and gliding characteristics for all Twin Skin, Profoil and Vario Crown products.

There are two specialists – among others – for skin skis/touring ski skins. The EASY SKIN CLEANER removes any dirt or grime on the skins to ensure full gliding and climbing ability. Its partner, EASY ANTI ICE SKIN HF, the fluorinated liquid wax, reduces icing of the skin in changing snow conditions. What makes both of them special: hey do not contain any fatty hydrocarbon solvents. This means that there is no negative impact on the adhesion of the skin glue.

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