Soma Tec

Listen to your feet – simply standing naturally

In keeping with the motto "Listen to your feet", all our ski boots feature Soma Tec. Thanks to the natural V position of the feet, this technology harnesses the power in the boots and protects joints. For more energy-saving skiing, perfect power transfer and a natural motion sequence.

A conventional stance with parallel feet, which is the case with conventional ski boots, is not natural and puts strain on the knees. With Soma-Tec we put an end to this incorrect foot position. The natural V position of the feet is retained inside the boots, the front of the boots point slightly outwards and the heels are lowered. Thanks to this anatomical optimisation, skiers and ski tourers have a much more natural stance, protect their joints as a result and there is much less strain on the musculoskeletal system.

At the same time – and this is also what puts our Soma-Tec boots ahead of other ski boots – the centre of gravity lies exactly over the centre of the ski. This means edge switching is faster and you have better control, optimum grip and high precision with less energy required. The power is channelled in one direction, giving you perfect downhill performance.

Soma-Tec – see for yourself:

Stand in a relaxed position. In a natural standing position your feet should point slightly outwards. Now turn your feet slightly inwards so they are parallel. Next, bend your knees as far as possible without lifting your heels off the ground. You will then notice how your knees gradually come together to form an X – as with knock knees.

And it is precisely this stance which is bad for your joints when a lot of pressure is put on them and this may lead to problems after a while. The knock-kneed position not only puts uneven pressure on the knees, it also results in undesired pressure on the inner edges of the skis as the lower legs also lean inwards.

Now bend your knees again with your feet in the natural position, i.e. pointing slightly outwards (in a V). Nothing rotates in the hips, the knees point straight forward, knee joints are not put under pressure on one side and you are also able to bend your knees further because the ankle joint can move more freely in its natural position.