Speedmax Skis


If you want to win, you should be equipped with Speedmax: skis at the top World Cup level give you what it takes for major achievements before the starting pistol. The recipe: minimalist in weight, demanding in technology and a perfectionist in design. The products with the RACE CODE seal of quality for original World Cup technologies are not just reserved for the pros, they also offer skilled, ambitious skiers the best chances of victory.


The unique technological process which avoids the combination of heat and pressure when the base is applied. With this approach the homogeneity of the molecular structures is retained and the individual pores of the base remain intact in their original form. This achieves previously unattained wax absorption and considerably enhanced grinding qualities. Furthermore, different reactions to changes in temperature of the materials used for the ski body and base are efficiently absorbed. For perfect performance at all times – regardless of changes in temperature!


The term that unites the individual technological steps in the course of the final treatment of the base: starting with the basic grinding and then structural grinding to prewaxed. The fully optimised finishing process consists of many components which have a common goal: optimising the speed of the skis. This is achieved through the minimisation of the thermal stress on the base in the course of the different CNC controlled grinding and structure processes. Finish First: everything that makes the ski fast!


The next generation in ski pairing: fully automatic dynamic measuring of a multitude of pairing criteria means that ski properties are documented with even greater precision. This exact technical data means optimum, computercontrolled pairing. The new Precision Pairing System thus ensures accurate ski pairing and consequently optimum ski choice.

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